UpCOming SuppoRtivE Programs

Builds Communities
Just 4 YOUth P.U.S.H.
(Transition Transformation Recovery Relationship)
Providing information and support for those who are transitioning and transforming from recovery into meaningful relationships.
Available to YOUth age ranges between 10-19. 
Provide motivational speaking @ school assembly's on a range of topics.
Host fashion shows (See what my words have not said: 4 victims of abuse, bullies, emotional bondage and invisibility).
Workshops & Poemtography
YOUth hotline by appointment
  1. K.I.P. P.U.S.H.
    Knowledge Is Parenting: Provide resources and support for teen parents, parents resulting from being victimized, parents who need help within the court system, and homeless parents.
  2. Cystem P.U.S.H.
    A program that researches programs that provide services to children, the elderly, those with mental and developmental disorders, those in foster care/adoption and that are at-risk. This programs focus is to ensure the recipient receives adequate care, support, resources and advocacy when required. The goal is to prevent disservice by educating, training, supporting and holding providers accountable so the recipients can live fulfilling lives.
  3. Good Grief
    A safe place to express your grief and be comforted.
  4. Mellow-d's from Heaven
    Mellow d's from Heaven captures the living legacies of families so that our families history will be able to continue throughout our families future generations. This includes: face to face interviews, photos, journals, scrapbooks, letters and voice recordings.
  5. Memory Bank
    Memory bank allows you to save and treasure moments of life changing memories. Have you ever just wanted to hear the voice of your love one who has transitioned? MB maintains recorded messages for our loved ones and are permanently saved. Imagine being at war or losing someone to a tragedy.The purpose of MB is to provide solace, encouragement and connection.This includes photos of engagements, audible recordings, journals, flash drives, collages, etc.
  6. everyDAY is a holiDAY
    Have you ever forgotten that important person in your life's birthday, anniversary, milestone, important accomplishment or just a moment to say thank you or thinking of you? Everyday is a Holiday was created to bring life back to meaningful relationships, tears of joy and wonderful memories.