The V i S i ON

                                           myP.U.S.H. Purpose

The purpose of myP.U.S.H. is to H elp connect the collective uniqueness of the state of self with others. So often we miss the gist (most essential/vital part of some idea or experience) of connection because of lack of awareness, time, language and confidence. myP.U.S.H. allows people to feel safe to uncover the unspoken, the overlooked and the misunderstood secrets that has held us in private prisons of the forgotten, abused, misused, buried and left behind self.

myP.U.S.H. creates a safe and secure environment to practice the freedom of healthy expression through kid, youth, young adult, seasoned person friendly retreats, conferences, poemtography, fashion shows and motivational speaking. Coming together to express grief (s.c.a.b.s.-speaking courageously about barred secrets), trauma scabs, scabs of being affected by mental illness’ and the scabs of imprisonment.

myP.U.S.H. listens beyond your voice to your body language, beyond your actions to the language of your beliefs, beyond your behaviors to your thoughts and provides a healthy escape to the freedom of expression.
myP.U.S.H. desires to reach and provide solace in between, the people. In between the people that exists in all countries, states, cities, communities, streets and US. In between the people who are afraid to ask for help, who do not know how to ask for help, who feels inadequate for needing help and who do not know that they need help.

myP.U.S.H. bridges what unites us as a being beyond color, shape, shade, age, gender, culture, economic status, disability, sexuality and religion.

myP.U.S.H. shines on the dreams of the abandoned, the outcastes, the lonely, the grieved and the bereaved, the lost, the abused and the imprisoned.

The benefit of myP.U.S.H. is to supply the un/spoken demand of Help. This ultimately will prevent and reduce suicidal ideation, attempts and successes, emotional distress, decompensations, incarcerations, hospitalizations, violence, unhealthy relationships, unhealthy generational beliefs and the bondage of trauma and grief.

myP.U.S.H. E mpowers people to share, breathe, express and embrace those thoughts and feelings as well as moments and circumstances that has brought stagnation into our lives.

"Abandoned buildings still stand; Broke-in crayons still color,
Change still counts; Damaged goods still have value,
Expression is for Everyone!  "                                 by:Teresa Moses


myP.U.S.H.  A llows automatic permission to seek and receive help in the following, but not limited areas:

                                    G rief
                   Mental I llness Awareness
                                    S econd Chances
                                  T rauma

myP.U.S.H. Leads the way to healthy reflection, healthy recovery and healthy relationships.

                                  E (mpowers)
                                  A (llows)
                                  L (eads)
                            (U) S