my Journey to PUSH
te RE sa MO ses
my P.U.S.H.
P eople U niversally S eeking H elp

Motto: Broke-in Crayons Still Color

Purpose: To allow the invisible bars strapped across my chest to speak, prevent havoc and heal.

Background: Born November 25, 1982 in Richmond, CA. I have experienced many un/fortunate events that have caused me to bloom into who I am today. Nearly becoming an endangered being; I have utilized the broken pieces of my life in hopes for creating an atmosphere of inner peace. My story is not over yet; I must merely turn the page.

Personal Experiences: trauma, grief, rape, incest, molestation, drug abuse exposure, violence, family dysfunction and secrets, unforeseen deaths, living with a mental illness’(PTSD, Delusional Disorder, Depression), incarcerations, mental institutions, teenage pregnancy, unhealthy relationships, domestic violence, abusive relationships, system life, self-injurious behaviours, suicidal attempts and ideologies, bulimia, obesity, low self-esteem, identity crisis(self, sexuality), insecurities, abandonment, separation anxiety, recognizing unforgiveness, addictions (food, sex, work, negative thinking, criminal behavior), manipulation, overcoming stigmas and stereotypes,  breaking co-dependency, a parentless child, loneliness, surviving my life sentence), from the victim to the victimizer, from Not guilty by reason of insanity (NGRI) to restoration of sanity, from booking number to National Provider Identifier (NPI) number and how to hone your self-awareness, insight and ability to process those events and experiences in life that leave you bound.

Specializes: grief, trauma, mental illness awareness and fulfilling second chances through motivational and inspirational writing, retreats, conferences, poemtography (poetry + photography combined), fashion shows, spoken word and teaching 

Education: School of Rock Bottom (1982-2011), J.F.K. High School (2000), Life Skills (2010-2013),
Co-Dependency & Family Issues (2016)

Affiliates: Churches, Schools, CoDA, Al-Anon, NAMI, State Hospitals, Detention Facilities, Shelters

Goal: To  p rovide to prevent
                     To u nleash to understand
 To s peak to save
                To h elp in order to heal

Availability: Flexible upon request